Financial Support

MSc student Samantha Stefanoff doing field researchAll students receive a minimum guaranteed stipend of CDN $22,722.00 per year. The stipend is composed primarily of Teaching Assistantships, for which the student must instruct in undergraduate laboratories, coordinate labs, or mark papers. Additional Research Assistantships are usually provided from the research supervisor's grants and other funding comes from the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Non-scholarship students are guaranteed a 0.875 teaching assistant load but in practice most are offered a full 1.0 load.

Most major scholarship holders (NSERC, CIHR, OGS) are guaranteed a 0.5 teaching load, which allows them to devote more time to their research program. Scholarship students may request additional TA work but this requires a statement from the supervisor indicating that the scholarship holder will be able to maintain their expected academic progress, and departmental availability and need for extra teaching assistants.

Please visit Faculty of Graduate Studies - Funding and Awards for more information on available financial support.