Scott P. Kelly

spkPhD (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Associate Professor
Research areas:
Animal Physiology, Endocrinology, Environmental Biology

Research Focus

My research program focuses on the regulation of salt and water balance in aquatic animals. An emphasis is placed on the endocrine system as a link between environmental change and physiological response as well as the permeability properties of occluding junctions – vertebrate tight junctions and invertebrate septate junctions.

We use model organisms that allow broad insight into processes under study, such as aquatic arthropods (e.g. mayfly nymphs), an extant agnathan (the sea lamprey), teleost fishes and amphibia. Current areas of interest include (but are not limited to);

  1. The regulation of epithelial permeability in response to environmental and systemic change
  2. Endocrine factors that regulate paracellular permeability
  3. Characterization of occluding junction proteins in epithelia
  4. The impact of salinization on freshwater aquatic organisms

I run a research program where the intellectual involvement as well as the capacity for growth and development of trainees is front and center.

Representative publications:

Chen CC, Marshall WS, Robertson GN, Cozzi RFF and Kelly SP (2020) Mummichog gill and operculum exhibit functionally consistent claudin-10 paralog profiles and Claudin-10c hypersaline response. Biology Open (In press)

Kolosov D and Kelly SP (2020) C-type natriuretic peptide regulates the molecular components of the rainbow trout gill epithelium tight junction complex. Peptides 124, 170211

Nowghani F, Chen CC, Watson-Leung T, Kelly SP and Donini A (2019) Impact of salt-contaminated water on osmoregulation and tracheal gill function in nymphs of the mayfly Hexagenia rigida. Aquatic Toxicology 211, 92-104

Gauberg J, Wu N, Cramp RL, Kelly SP and Franklin CE (2019) A lethal fungal pathogen directly alters tight junction proteins in the skin of a susceptible amphibian. Journal of Experimental Biology 222 (3) jeb192245

Kolosov D and Kelly SP (2018) Tricellular tight junction-associated angulins in the gill epithelium of rainbow trout. American Journal of Physiology, Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology 315, R312-R322.

Nowghani F, Jonusaite S, Watson-Leung T, Donini A, and Kelly SP (2017) Strategies of ionoregulation in the freshwater nymph of the mayfly (Hexagenia rigida). Journal of Experimental Biology 220, 3997 – 4006.

Kolosov D, Bui P, Donini A, Wilkie MP and Kelly SP (2017) A role for tight junction-associated MARVEL proteins in larval sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) osmoregulation. Journal of Experimental Biology 220, 3657-3670.

Schnell S, Stott LC, Hogstrand C, Wood CM, Kelly SP, Pärt P, Owen SF and Bury NR (2016) Procedures for the reconstruction, primary culture and experimental use of rainbow trout gill epithelia. Nature Protocols 11, 490-498.

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