Michael T. Arts

MichaelArtsPhD (University of Toronto)
Adjunct Professor
E–mail: michael.arts@ryerson.ca
Research Areas: Ecology, Limnology, Physiology, Photobiology

Ongoing Studies/Activities:

  • Role of fatty acids in nutrition and health of aquatic organisms in lakes, wetlands, rivers and marine systems.
  • Investigate factors which affect food quality (e.g. fatty acids, ecologically meaningful classes of lipids) of invertebrate prey.
  • Effects of stressors (e.g., introduced species, climate change, regional contaminants) on the physiological competency of aquatic invertebrates in the Great Lakes.
  • Development of lipid-based indicators of environmental stress in the Great Lakes.
  • Effects of UV radiation on biota in ponds, lakes, rivers and marine systems.

Publications (Books)

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Publications (Journals)

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