Keith M. Somers

PhD in Zoology (Western), MSc (Toronto), BSc (Waterloo)
Adjunct Professor
Research Areas: aquatic ecology, numerical ecology, cumulative effects of multiple stressors, bioassessment, ecosystem health, Ontario lakes and streams, benthos, crayfish, fish

Research Focus
Numerical methods for: 1 – teasing apart the cumulative effects of multiple stressors on freshwater communities; 2 - characterizing the normal range of variation for healthy aquatic ecosystems and statistically evaluating the condition of potentially impaired test sites; 3 - selecting the best subset of metrics for assessing ecosystem health with respect to status and trends; 4 - combining the pass-fail results from multiple metrics and associated endpoints to trigger follow-up studies; and 5 – minimizing Type 1 (false positive) and Type 2 (false negative) errors in bioassessments

Adjunct professor in Biology at York University and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto with previous adjunct appointments in Biology at Nipissing University and the Watershed Ecology Graduate Program at Trent University.

Retired after 25+ years as aquatic ecologist, biostatistician and site supervisor at the Ontario Ministry of Environment’s Dorset Environmental Science Centre (DESC) in Muskoka, Ontario. Currently works as scientist for Kilgour & Associates Ltd., Ottawa, ON.

Author and co-author of numerous publications on aquatic and numerical ecology – see ResearchGate or Google Scholar for details.