Joel S. Shore

PhD (Toronto) jshore-1
Professor of Biology
Research Areas: Evolutionary Biology, Population Biology, Genetics, Plant Biology

Research Focus

Research in my lab focuses on the molecular genetics and evolution of plant breeding systems although we have carried out studies of plant population genetics and plant/butterfly interactions. We have continued to study the genetics and evolution of breeding systems in a Neotropical clade within the Passifloraceae (formerly called the Turneraceae). In the genus Turnera, a majority of species are distylous and strongly self-incompatible, while other species are self-compatible often having anthers and stigmas in close proximity, leading to high rates of self-fertilization. We have been working towards a molecular genetic dissection of the distyly (S) locus in Turnera species. We have constructed high resolution genetic maps of the S-locus region using recombination and deletion mapping; assembled and sequenced a set of BAC clones across both the recessive and dominant haplotypes; sequenced the transcriptome of styles and stamens to discover differentially expressed genes; have developed a genetic transformation system in Turnera that will allow us to test the function of candidate genes for distyly; and we are currently sequencing the genome of one Turnera species. We have discovered a number of candidate genes using these methods and are currently testing their function.


Representative  Publications:

Chafe P*, Lee T*, Shore J. (2015). Development of a genetic transformation system for distylous Turnera joelii (Passifloraceae) and characterization of a self-compatible mutant. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 120: 507-517.

Lopez A*, Fernandez A, Shore J. (2013). Inferences on the origins of polyploid Turnera species (Passifloraceae) based on molecular data.Botany 91(3): 167-175.

Thulin M, Razafimandimbison G, Chafe P*, Heidari N, Kool A, Shore J. (2012). Phylogeny of the Turneraceae clade (Passifloraceae s.l.): Trans-Atlantic disjunctions and two new genera in Africa.Taxon 61(2): 308-323.

Labonne J*, Shore J. (2011). Positional cloning of the s haplotype determining the floral and incompatibility phenotype of the long-styled morph in distylous Turnera subulata. Molecular Genetics and Genomics. 285(2): 101-111.

Safavian D*, Shore J. (2010). Ultrastructure of styles and pollen tubes of distylous Turnera joelii and T. scabra (Turneraceae): Are there different mechanisms of incompatibility?. Sexual Plant Reproduction 23(3): 225-237.

Labonne J*, Tamari F*, Shore J. (2010). Characterization of X-ray generated floral mutants carrying deletions at the S-locus of distylous Turnera subulata. Heredity105: 235-243.