Gail S. Fraser

PhD Biopsychology, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Avian ecology, wildlife management, behavioral ecology

Research Focus

My research interests focus on colonial waterbirds: foraging, management, population dynamics and the application of behavioral ecology to conservation issues.

Representative  Publications:

Chin, A., D. C. Tozer, N.G. Walton and G.S. Fraser 2015. Comparing bird-based disturbance gradients and indices of biotic integrity for ranking the health of great lakes coastal wetlands. Ecological Indicators 57:475-485.

Ellis, J.I., S.I. Wilhelm, A. Hedd, G.S. Fraser, G.J. Robertson, J.F. Rail, M. Fowler and K.H. Morgan 2013. Mortality of migratory birds from marine commercial fisheries and offshore oil and gas production in Canada. Avian Conservation and Ecology 8(2):4.

Fraser, G.S., J. Russell, G. J. Robertson, R. Bryant and D. Fifield 2013. Prospects for the Manx Shearwater colony on Middle Lawn Island, Newfoundland, Canada. Marine Ornithology 41:137-138.

Andrews, D., G.S. Fraser and D.V. Weseloh 2012. Double-crested cormorant foraging ecology at a large colony in southern Ontario: Analyses of chick diet, feeding rates and foraging directions. Waterbirds 35(sp1):82-90.

Taylor, B. and G.S. Fraser 2012. Effects of egg oiling on ground nesting double-crested cormorants at a colony in Lake Ontario: an examination of nest-attendance behaviour. Wildlife Research 39(4) 329-335.

Taylor, B., D. Andrews and G.S. Fraser 2011. Double-crested cormorants and urban wilderness: conflicts and management. Urban Ecosystems 14: 377-394.