Faculty Members who will be Accepting Students in Fall 2023

Dr. Sapna Sharma (Ecology & Evolution)
Dr. Amro Zayed (Ecology & Evolution)
Dr. Peter Jes Kohler (Physiology & Neuroscience)
Dr. Gary Sweeney (Physiology & Neuroscience)
Dr. Gregory W. Thiemann (Ecology & Evolution)
Dr. Terrance Kubiseski (Molecular & Cell Biology)
Dr. Patricia Lakin-Thomas (Molecular & Cell Biology)
Dr. Eleftherios Sachlos (Molecular & Cell Biology)
Dr. Pouya Rezai (Lab on Chips for Molecule, Cell and Whole Organism Biology)
Dr. Sergey Krylov (Molecular & Cell Biology)
Dr. Nikolaus Troje (Physiology & Neuroscience)
Dr. Ryan K Schott (Ecology and Evolution)
Dr. Laurie Wilcox (Physiology and Neuroscience)