Message from the Director

Graduate Program Director Bridget Stutchbury headshotWelcome to York University and one of the largest Biology departments in Canada. Our size means that graduate students have many research labs and potential supervisors to choose among and a large pool of professors available for research collaborations or student supervisory committees.

Although we are large, our departmental culture is one of friendly collaboration and mutual respect. We foster curiosity and passion for science in all our research programs. Faculty supervisors typically have weekly lab meetings to train their graduate students in critical thinking, communication, leadership, and teamwork. Most Biology graduate courses have small enrollment which allows for extensive discussion and debate, student presentations, and close interaction with faculty.

If you choose to come to York University you will be warmly welcomed by faculty and the student-led Association for Graduate Studies in Biological Sciences.  Our graduate program assistant will guide you through the formal requirements of the program including course enrollment, teaching assistant contracts, progress reports, and the many internal and external funding opportunities available to students.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Bridget Stutchbury

Graduate Program Director
Department of Biology