Professional Skills

The Biology graduate program has developed a suite of tools to help you develop Professional Skills that are important in biology-related careers.  Professional skills are important during your graduate studies (e.g. improve credentials for scholarship applications, increase publication/conference success) and for your science career after you graduate.

These three documents are meant to be used together.  You are encouraged to discuss your skills and goals with a mentor (e.g. supervisor, committee member, postdoc, senior PhD student, collaborator) and record how/when you gained key skills (for later use in job applications/interviews).

Faculty of Graduate Studies – FGS also has an IDP tool ( to provide students with resources to assess their current level of expertise, identify areas in which they would like to explore or improve, and map out a plan for achieving their goals. Information about the many graduate professional skills opportunities offered across the university are accessible in a single location on the Graduate & Postdoctoral Professional Skills (GPPS) webpage.

Mitacs Training - Graduate students (and postdocs) currently registered at a Canadian University can enroll in the Mitacs Training Program free of charge. Courses cover one or more of these key professional skills for the workplace:

    • Leadership & Management
    • Communication & Relationship Building
    • Personal & Professional Management
    • Entrepreneurialism