(Cross-listed with KAHS 6149 3.0 and PSY 6228 3.0)

Course Director:
Dr. K. Hoffman

BIOL 5149 3.0  course registration code is: R62Y01
Course is offered Fall  2016 - Wednesdays - 11:30 - Location:  BC 225

Purpose: To introduce graduate students to a wide range of applications of vision science, including basic visual function, vision and aging, environmental lighting and vision, 3D media, computer vision and object recognition, brain imaging, multi-sensory integration, and visual applications to the aerospace industry.

Co- or pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites

Background of students: Background in vision research, biopsychology, visual neuroscience, or computer vision

Course format: Course will involve presentations by faculty members of the CREATE team on applications of vision research along with discussions of relevant contemporary papers.

Text /Readings: Readings will be determined for each topic in advance. These will generally involve journal articles.

Basis of evaluation: Students will be required to give a presentation and critique of a contemporary research paper in class. Students will also work in teams to develop a proposal for some future application of vision science.

Other information: This course will be offered every year and is required of all CREATE trainees during their first year in the program.