(Cross-listed with PSY 6253 3.0 and KAHS 6156 3.0: Psychology is host program)

Course Director:

Dr. Joseph DeSouza
Vanier College 226
Telephone: 416-736-2100 ext. 22946
e-mail: or

Purpose: This course will focus on a systems approach to specialized circuits within the central nervous system that determine sensory, motor and cognitive functions.

The course will provide graduate students with an in depth analysis of the circuits within the nervous system that underlying the structure and function of the developing and mature nervous system. This is an advanced course that will focus on current research topics in selected areas of neuroscience, which is the study of the biology of the nervous system and its relationship to behaviour and disease. The course includes two modules that cover a range of topics within systems neuroscience. It is designed to complement Fundamentals of Neuroscience I and in total will introduce students to the breadth of research within the field of neuroscience.

Prerequisite: PSYC 6256 3.0, BIO 5147 3.0 or KAHS 6156 3.0 [i.e. Fundamentals of Neuroscience I: Structures, Neurons and Synapses.], or by permission of the course directors.

Readings: Selected readings from peer-reviewed journal articles will be assigned for each class.

Basis of Evaluation: Students will be evaluated based on two exams, facilitating a journal article discussion and class participation.

Final mark will be based on:
Class Exam                   35%
Class Exam                   35%
Paper presentations    25%
Class discussions and attendance     5%

Text: Eric R. Kandel, James Schwartz, and Thomas Jessell. “Principles of Neural Science” 4th Edition (Elsevier)