BIOL 5100 1.5: Critical Skills in Animal Physiology

Term: Fall 2022
Course Director: Jean-Paul Paluzzi
Day/time: Friday @ 9 AM
Location: BSB 203
Start and End Dates: September 09 to October 21, 2022

Course Description:

This course reviews expectations and responsibilities of graduate research in animal physiology. It trains students in communicating research in oral and written forms, and in the importance of understanding the deep history of ideas in their research field. This course is compulsory for all incoming MSc students in Animal Physiology. The course has four primary goals: i) to help incoming students in their many transitions to the graduate level of research, ii) to introduce students to the importance of knowing the history of ideas in their chosen field, iii) to review the actual practices of animal physiology and iv) to review and practice good technique in written and oral scientific communication.

Grading: Review Essay on development of ideas in your chosen research field (40%)
Oral Presentation on deep history of your chosen research field (40%)
Class Participation (20%)