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International Gap Junction Conference
presentation Award 2017
Supervisor:  Dr. G. Zoidl
Cherie Brown
Ryan Siu
Paige Whyte-Fagundes

photo of Scott Kelly, Dennis Kolosov and Fahim Quadir

Scott Kelly, left, Dennis Kolosov, and Fahim Quadir, Interim Dean, Graduate Studies at the recent Dissertation Prize ceremony  Biology PhD receives Dissertation Award

Thesis/Dissertation Prize recipient for 2016-2017

Dennis Kolosov

CIHR - Doctoral Research Award  2017-2018
Won Suk (James) Jahng

OGS - Ontario Graduate Scholarship  2017 - 2018
Alessandro Filazzola
Heyam Hayder
Bailey Hewitt
Lianna Lopez
Fargol Nowghani
Nadia Tsvetkov

QEII 2017-2018
Melissa Galicia
Alexander Klenov

NSERC - PGS  D2- Doctoral  2017 - 2018
Kira  Neller

CGS - D3 - Doctoral  2017- 2018
Tamari  Chkuaseli

NSERC - CGS - MASTERS  2017-2018
Caitlin  Carew-Piercey
Camille Diaz
Gil Yerushalmi

Enbridge  2017 - 2018
Alyssa Murdoch

Tehmeena Chaudhry

Lidiya Misyura

NSERC - PGS - Doctoral  2016 - 2017

Alyssa Murdoch
Benjamin Voloh

NSERC - CGS - MASTERS  2016-2017
Jessica D'Angelo
Julia Gauberg

QEII- Queen Elizabeth Scholarship 2016-2017
Marzyeh Azimi
Chun Chih Chen
David Rocco

OGS - Ontario Graduate Scholarship  2016 - 2017
Caitlin Carew-Piercey
Dayana D'Amora
Alessandro Filazzola
Chaminda Gunawardene
Sima Jonusaite
Alexander Klenov
Amanda Liczner
Kira Neller
Mariann Oemisch

Enbridge  2016-2017
Hewitt Bailey

Chen, M. (MSc, current). 2015. Best Student Presentation, American Fisheries Society – Ontario Chapter. Orillia, Ontario

Susan Mann Dissertation Scholarship 2015 - 2016
Jelena Brkic

Provost Dissertation Scholarship 2015 - 2016
Dennis Kolosov
Amirsaman Sajad

NSERC - PGS - Doctoral 2015-2016
Laura Newburn
Marlee Ng

QEII - Queen Elizabeth Scholarship  2015-2016
Alessandro Filazzola

OGS - Ontario Graduate Scholarship   2015-2016
Tim Gabor
Chaminda Gunawardene
Sima Jonusaite
Dayana  D'Amora
Ryan Scott
Nadejda Tsvetkov
Kira Neller
Luana Sciullo

Enbridge 2015-2016
Katrina Gaibisels

2014 Thesis Prize Awarded To:  Gabriela Krivdova

Thesis title:  Inhibition of HIV-1  Vif  by Pokeweed Antiviral Protein and its Impact on Cellular Immune Defense.

Matthew Balcarras (PhD, current). 2013. Best Abstract Award, Cognitive Science Society, San Diego, CA, USA.

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The 2017 Ontario Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution Colloquium   T.B.A.