Graduate Biology—Our Graduates

PhD Graduates

photo of Dayana D'AmoraDayana D'Amora
Supervisor: Dr. Terrance J. Kubiseski
Dissertation: The role of BRAP-2 in Caenorhabditis elegans DNA damage induced germline apoptosis, development and germline health.
Current position: Medical Associate,  ANTIBODY Healthcare


photo of Hyekyoung SungHyekyoung Sung
Supervisor: Dr. Gary Sweeney
Dissertation: The effects of Lcn2 and iron on cardiac remodelling and the impact on cardiac function.
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, York University


photo of Jelena BrkicJelena Brkic
Supervisor: Dr. C. Peng
Dissertation: The Role of miR-218-5p and TGF-β Signaling in Human Placenta from Normal and Comprised Pregnancies
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, York University


photo of Saviz EhyaiSaviz Ehyai (February 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. J. McDermott
Dissertation: The regulation of β-catenin function in vascular smooth muscle cells
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Gothenburg (Sweden)


photo of Brock HarpurBrock Alexander Harpur
Supervisor: Dr. A. Zayed
Dissertation: Population Genomics Approaches to Understanding the Genetics and Evolution of Social Insects
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow,  University of Toronto


photo of Sara HashemiSara Hashemi
Supervisor: Dr. J. McDermott
Dissertation: Regulation of Cardiac Gene Expression by
β-Adrenergic Signaling and Heart Failure
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Sanofi Pasteur


photo of Sima JonusaiteSima Jonusaite (February 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. A. Donini,  Co-Supervisor: Dr. S. Kelly
Dissertation: Characterization of Transepithelial Transport in the Osmoregulation of Freshwater Dipteran Larvae
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Utah


photo of Mirzo KanoatovMirzo Kanoatov (February 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. S. Krylov
Dissertation: Improving the Accuracy, Versatility,
and Partitioning Efficiency of Nonequilibrium Capillary
Electrophoresis of Equilibrium Mixtures
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Mt. Sinai Hospital


Master's Graduates

Eizaaz Ahmad (October 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. Dorota Crawford
Thesis:  Differential Gene Expression in the Prenatal Brain of Cyclooxygenase-1 and 2
knockout Male Mice - A Model System of Autism Spectrum  Disorders.

Marzyeh Azimi (October 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. T. Womelsdorf
Thesis:  The Influence of Alpha7 and Alpha4 Beta2 Nicotinic Receptor Agonists on
Feature Based Reversal Learning in Macaque Monkeys.

Stefano Alessandro Marrella (October 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. M. Bayfield
Thesis:  Human La's Nuclear Retention Element Functions in La-RNA Target

Andreea Iona Matei (October 2017)
Supervisor: Dr.  J.P. Paluzzi
Thesis:  Revealing the Distribution of Ion Transport Peptide and the Function  of its
Prospective Second Messengers on the Hindgut of the  Adult Mosquito, Aedes  segypti.
Current Position and Status:  Pursuing an MD at UofT in the Faculty of Medicine,  and
is working in Dr. Paluzzi's lab  one time per week.

Taylor James Noble (October 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. C. Lortie
Thesis:  Habitat Association Patterns of an Endangered Lizard Species with a Foundation Plant Species in the San Joaquin Desert of California:  Radio Telemetry as an Ecological Tool.

Michelle Prioriello (October 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. G. Sweeney
Thesis:  The Investigation of Mechanisms Underlying Iron Overload Induced Adiponectin

Genevieve Lauren Rowe (October 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. L. Packer
Thesis:  A Taxonomic Revision of Canadian Non-Osmia Osmiini (Hymenoptera

Alannah Danielle Ruttan (October 2017)
Supervisor:  Dr. C. Lortie
Thesis:  Extending Plant-Plant Facilitation Theory to Pollinators:  Do Desert Shrubs
Act as Magnets?

Ghazal Tajbakhsh  (October 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. D. Golemi-Kotra
Thesis:  The Impact of Selected Gene Mutations to the Activation and DNA Binding
Activity  of the Transcription Factor VraR.

Sean Chin (February 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. B. Stutchbury
Thesis: Investigating the Effects of Urban Features on Bird Window Collisons

Kathleen Andrea Dogantzis (February 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. A. Zayed
Thesis: Population Genomics of Polistes Wasps
Current Status: Continuing into the PhD Biology - York University
Supervisor:  Dr. A.  Zayed
Research project:  The Evolution and Adaptation of Honey Bees (Apis mellifera)

Ali Farahzad (June 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. Y. Sheng
Thesis: Role of a SET/Smad7 Interaction in Skeletal Myogenesis

Varvara Gagarina (June 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. V. Saridakis
Thesis: Identification of Interactions Between Ubiquitin Specific Protease 7 (USP7)
and Enhancer of Zeste (EZH2)

Shahin Khazai (February 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. C. Peng
Thesis: Investigation of Cyclin G2 Degradation  in Human Ovarian Cancer Cells

Vladimir Ivaylov Kodzhahinchev (June 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. C. Bucking
Thesis: Studying Magnesium Transport in the Common Goldfish (Carassius auratus)
using Molecular and Potentiometric Approaches:  Role and Characterization
of the Magnesium Transporter Solute Carrier 41A1(SLC41A1)

Amanda Rae Liczner (February 2017)
Supervisor:  Dr. C. Lortie
Thesis: Nursing Back to Health: Shrubs Facilitate the Restoration of Native Forbs
with Reductions in Non-Native Competition in an Invaded Arid Shrubland
Current Status: Continuing into the PhD Biology - York University
Supervisor:  Dr. S. Colla
Research project:  Assessing at-risk bumble bee species habitat in Southern Ontario  for  the Conservation  of  Declining  Species

Xiaoyang Liu (February 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. Y. Sheng
Thesis: Characterization of a Novel Lead Compound Targeting Beta-Catenin Mediated Wnt
Signaling in Tumor Cells

Amanda Silverio (June 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. A. Forer
Thesis: The Role of Myosin Phosphorylation on Bivalent Oscillations in
Mesostoma ehrenbergii Primary Spermatocytes
Current position: Organic Chemistry Teacher for the Princeton review (in person, online and private tutor),  September 2017 will begin Medical School at AUC.

Anna Zimina (February 2017)
Supervisor: Dr. S. Kelly
Thesis: A Role for 11-deoxycortisol in the Regulation of the Tight Junction Complex
in Extant Agnathan, Petromyzon Marinus