Bridget J. Stutchbury

PhD (Yale) stutchbury-1
Professor of Biology
Canada Research Chair in Ecology and Conservation Biology

Research Areas:  Ecology, population biology, conservation biology

Research Focus


My long term research examines the population ecology and conservation of birds. My recent research has used light-level geolocators to track the long distance migration movements of songbirds to understand migration ecology, seasonal carry-over effects and the extent to which breeding populations depend on specific wintering regions. We have also used radiotelemetry to determine the survival of young birds after they leave nest, and test how forest fragmentation and logging affects this fledgling survival. Over the next few years we use long-term coded radiotags and a large automated telemetry array (MOTUS) in Ontario to test how forest fragmentation and agricultural intensification affects juvenile dispersal and survival.

Representative  Publications:

Stutchbury B. J. M., K. Fraser, C. Silverio, P. Kramer, B. Aeppli, N. Mickle, M. Pearman, A. Savage, J. Mejeur. 2015. Tracking mated pairs in a long-distance migratory songbird: migration schedules are not synchronized within-pairs. Animal Behavior. In press.

Taylor, C. M. and B. J. M. Stutchbury. 2015.A network approach to model the effects of breeding versus winter habitat loss and fragmentation on the population dynamics of a migratory songbird. Submitted to Ecological Applications, ahead-of-print online.

McKinnon E.A., C. Q. Stanley, B. J. M. Stutchbury. 2015. Carry-over effects of winter habitat on start-to- finish spring migration performance of a songbird. PLoS ONE.

Stanley, C. Q1., E. A. McKinnon1, K. C. Fraser, M. P. MacPherson, G. Casbourn, L. Friesen, P. P. Marra, C.Studds, T. B. Ryder, N. Diggs and B. J. M. Stutchbury. 2015. Connecting breeding, wintering, and migration sites by range-wide tracking of a declining migratory songbird. Conservation Biology 29: 164-174.

McKinnon E, J. Rotenberg, B. J. M. Stutchbury, B. 2015. Seasonal change in tropical habitat quality and body condition for a declining migratory songbird. Oecologia. 179: 363-375.

McKinnon, E., K. C. Fraser, C. Q. Stanley, and B. J. M. Stutchbury. 2014. Tracking from the tropics reveals behaviour of juvenile songbirds on their first spring migration. PLoS ONE. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0105605