Course Director:
Dr.  Jan  Sapp
Telephone:  416-736-2100 ext. 22442

Date and Time:  Wednesdays,  11:30 - 2:30
Location:  102 Vanier College
Course Session:  FALL 2017 - Start date:   September 13, 2017
Course ID.:  Z46B01

(This  course is a requirement for all new MSc students in the Ecology and Evolution stream.)

Course Description:
This course reviews expectations and responsibilities of graduate research in ecology and evolution.  It trains students in communicating research in oral and written forms, and in the importance of understanding the deep history of ideas in their research field.

The course has four goals:  i) to help incoming students in their many transition to graduate level research, ii) to introduce students to the importance of knowing the history of ideas in their chosen field, iii) to review the actual practises of ecological and evolutionary science, and iv) to review and practise good technique in written and oral scientific communication.  This course is compulsory for all incoming MSc students in Ecology and Evolution.

October 19  check in ( 1 hour)
Nov 16  preliminary drafts etc for 10 page, 50 refs literature review of deep history
Nov. 23  final deadline date for submission and grading of essay

Breakdown of grading:
1. 85 % essay
2. 15% creating and editing Wikipedia pages

Students will be provided or assigned a list of papers for the course depending on their research area. Readings will be from published peer-reviewed journals such as Nature, Science, Limnol. Oceanogr., Ecoscience.

Class Participation        20%
Oral Presentation          40%
Review Essay               40%