How to Apply

TO APPLY ON LINE, PLEASE GO TO THE SITE BELOW to obtain specific application information regarding the Biology Graduate Program:

How do I get accepted into the Biology Program?
At both the Master's and Doctoral levels, all students work closely with a Supervisor, and their research is supported by that Supervisor. Thus, no student is accepted into the Biology Graduate Program unless a Professor agrees to supervise the student. This decision is usually made after the Professor reviews the complete application packages and has a chance to interview the applicant(s). Applicants can apply without having secured a supervisor in advance.

General areas of faculty interest within the Program is found on the Home page of this site. Click here for a more detailed listing of potential Supervisors, their research interests and sample publications. Potential applicants are encouraged to browse through this Faculty list to see whose research may be of most interest to them. Potential applicants can directly contact the potential Supervisors to see if opportunities exist in his/her research group. As a general rule, a detailed and informed enquiry is more likely to elicit a favourable response than a "generic" enquiry. A detailed enquiry would include your record and an explanation of why you might like to work with the potential Supervisor. If a potential Supervisor reaches an informal agreement to accept you, you must complete a formal application to be reviewed by the Biology Admissions Committee.

If you had no previous contact with a potential Supervisor, your formal application will be drawn to the attention of all potential supervisors in the Program. Any faculty member interested will contact the applicant and discuss details further. An applicant who meets the admission requirements and finds a supervisor willing to supervise and support the applicant, will most likely be accepted into the Program.

Application Deadlines
Please note, we do not offer January or May admission. The program will be accepting online applications starting October  8,  2014.  Please submit your complete application and documents preferably  before or by April 29, 2015.   Upload all your documents as soon as possible, fill out the Supplementary Information form and referee list, upload your CV resume and your statement of interest (in letter format).  Transcripts can now  be uploaded, please upload all your transcripts from each institution.

By April 29, 2015,  you should have completed the on-line application; including submission of your Statement of Interest, submission of your Curriculum Vita, submission of your supplementary admission form and paid your processing fee of $100 via credit card. Three (3) electronically submitted reference letters should have been received. You must also upload all your transcripts from each Instititution.

Additional Application Material requested: a one page Statement of Interest and a full Curriculum Vitae (CV). The CV should include education, scholarship information, work/research/lab experience, publications, and presentations, if applicable. The CV should explain any lapsed time between receiving your degrees and the date of the application, if applicable. Additional material should be uploaded to the on-line application.

Details and on-line forms can be found at the website below and above.

What are the application process details?
Details are given at:

What are the financial aspects of the Program?
All students receive a minimum guaranteed stipend of CDN $21,000 per year, some may receive more. The stipend is composed primarily of Teaching Assistantships, for which the student must instruct in undergraduate laboratories, and Research Assistantships usually provided from the research supervisor's research grants and the Faculty of Graduate Studies. From this stipend, students pay their tuition fees (details of which can be found at and living expenses.

Further information?
All of the information that you need to apply to the Biology Graduate Program is contained on this website and those mentioned above. Printed information and application packages are not available, so please do not ask for them. In the unlikely event that you have some specific question that is not covered by the information on these sites, you may contact the Graduate Program Assistant at We hope that you will understand that due to the large number of potential applicants we simply cannot engage in more detailed correspondence on general issues. We hope that you will find this information helpful and that you will be able to join the Program in due course.