Graduate Biology—Our Graduates

PhD Graduates

Jyotsna, Tim, Sara, Alex, Thomas, and Hyuk Ho

Jyotsna and Uzma









Alessandro Filazzola (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. C. Lortie
Dissertation: Examining Mechanisms of Positive Plant Interactions in Deserts
Current position: Post-doctoral Fellow at University of Alberta


Tim Vincent Gabor (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. M. Scheid
Dissertation: The Role of CDCA7 in Akt-mediated Myc-Dependent Apoptosis and Proliferation

Sara Sadat Chavoshi (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. V. Saridakis
Dissertation: Investigating Interaction Partners Of Yeast UBPS and Human USP7 Deubiquitinases

Jyotsna Vinayak (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. M. Bayfield
Dissertation: Human La Function in Expression of Coding Transcripts
Current position: Biology Content Specialist at Top Hat


Uzma Nadeem (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. C. Peng
Dissertation: The Role of MicroRNA-378a-5p and its Target Genes in Differentiation and Fusion of BeWo Cells
Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow at Krembil Research Institute


Hyuk Ho Sheen (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. A. White
Dissertation: GCD10 and GCD14 Proteins Facilitate Tomato Bushy Stunt Viral (TBSV) RNA Replication in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae


Thomas Markian Onuferko (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. L. Packer
Dissertation: Biosystematics of the Cleptoparasitic Bee Genus Epeolus Latreille and its Ecological and Evolutionary Relationship with Its Hosts of the Bee Genus Colletes Latreille

Rahima Khatun (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. Y. Sheng
Dissertation: Structural and Functional Studies of Human E3 Ubiquitin Ligase HUWE1
Current Position: Project coordinator and Research Fellow in Adjuvant discovery program at Boston Children's Hospital

Mariann Oemisch (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. T. Womelsdorf
Dissertation: Neural Processes Underlying the Flexible Control and Learning of Attentional Selection
Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow at Yale University School of Medicine


Maria Cristina Plastina (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. I.Coe/A. Donini
Dissertation: Understanding the Regulation of the Human Amino Acid Transporter ASCT2

Luana Sciullo (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. G. Thiemann
Dissertation: Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus) Foraging Ecology in Western Hudson Bay
Current Position: Academic Professor and Course Director at Humber College


Ana Vakiloroayaei (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. M. Bayfield
Dissertation: tRNA Structural Stability and Functionality Associated with the RNA Chaperone La and Post-Transcriptional Modification Enzyme Trm1

MSc Graduates

Kamran Ebrahimian (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. J. McDermott
Thesis: CRegulation and Function of MEF2 in Cardiomyocytes

Lidiya Misyura (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. A. Donini
Thesis: Salinity Responsiveness of Aquaporins in Osmoregulatory Organs of Larval Mosquito Aedes Aegypti

Melanie Paez (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. J. Paluzzi
Thesis: Distribution of Ionomotive Pumps and Control of Malpighian Tubule Secretion By Cyclic Nucleotides in the Black-Legged Tick, Ixodes Scapularis

Shaon Badhan Parial (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. M. Scheid
Thesis: Novel Interaction, Regulation of Phosphorylation and Mitotic Localization of Cell Division Cycle Associated Protein 7 (CDCA7)

Dmitri Perlov (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. R. Quinlan
Thesis: A Chironomid-Based Paleolimnological Assessment of Long-Term Cumulative Effects Of Multiple Anthropogenic Stressors on Hypolimnetic Oxygen Dynamics in Lake Erie

Leah Anne Turner(October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. C. Bucking
Thesis: Assessing the Effects of Temperature, Feeding Status, and the Microbiome on the Maximal Activities of Several Enzymes Important to Energy Production and Ammonia Detoxification in the Intestines of Teleost Fish

Azizia Wahedi (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. J.P. Paluzzi
Thesis: Characterization of the Adipokinetic Hormone/Corazonin-Related Peptide Signalling System in the Mosquito, Aedes Aegypti

Di Wu (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. P. Lakin-Thomas
Thesis: Studies on the Function of the PRD-1 Gene in Neurospora Crassa

Gil Yerushalmi (October 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. A. Donini
Thesis: Describing the Ionoregulatory Changes that Underlie Cold Acclimation in Drosophila Melanogaster

John Babu (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. E. Rosonina
Thesis: Characterization of a Yeast Strain that us Deficient in Protein Sumoylation

Hee Ho Cho (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. G. Sweeney
Thesis: Investigation of Mechanisms Responsible for Myocyte Cell Death in Metabolic Syndrome

Thanh Que Dang (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. G. Sweeney
Thesis: Investigate of Changes in Glucose Homeostasis by Modulating Endothelial Permeability

Hossein Davarinejad (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. Y.Sheng/V. Saridakis
Thesis: Characterization of E2E Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzymes and Ubiquitin-Specific Protease 7 (USP7) in Histone H2A Ubiquitination

Eva Francesca DeRango-Adem (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. R. Pearlman
Thesis: Macromolecular Interactome of Tetrahymena CHD Family Chromatin Remodelers

Pranav Dhakal (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. C. Bucking
Thesis: Investigating the Response of the Gut Bacterial Community and Enzyme Activity During the Challenge of Diet Manipulation in the Herbivorous Fish Compostoma Anomalum (Centre Stoneroller) and the Carnivorous Fish Etheostema Caeruleum (Rainbow Darter)

Jessica Bettencourt Di Salvo (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. A. Forer
Thesis: Possible Roles for Tropomyosin During Anaphase Chromosome Movement

Katie Rae Nettie Florko (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. G. Thiemann
Thesis: Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus) Foraging Ecology in the Western Canadian Arctic

Julia Gauberg (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. S. Kelly
Thesis: The Barrier Properties of the Skin of Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic Vertebrates

Shailee Bhavan Jani (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. D. Golemi-Kotra
Thesis: Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of Signal Transduction in LiaSR Two Component System in Bacillus Subtilis

Margarita Miklasevskaja (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. L. Packer
Thesis: Phylogeny of Chilicola (Hylaeosoma)(Hymenoptera:Colletidae) Based on Morphological and Morphometric Data of Extant and Fossil Species, with Description of Seven New Species

Aishwarya Rajalakshmi Sudhama (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. L. Wilcox
Thesis: The Impact of Object-Based Grouping on Perceived Depth Magnitude

Ali Uyuklu (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. JP Paluzzi
Thesis: Distribution and Activity of CAPA-like Peptides in the Black-legged Tick, Ixodes scapularis

Heidi Elizabeth Joy Van Vliet (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. B. Stutchbury
Thesis: The Effects of Agricultural Intensification on An Obligate Grassland Bird of North America

Melanie Renee Williams (June 2018)
Supervisor: Dr. C. Bucking
Thesis: Investigating Gastrointestinal Tract Functional Zonation in the Gut Microbiome and Enzyme Activity of Oncorhynchus mykiss (Rainbow Trout) with Temperature and Ion-poor Water Salinity Challenge